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a groundbreaking startup with a taste for innovation and a passion for mushrooms like you have never seen before...

Let us introduce you to our founders...

Rick Bui
CEO and Mushroom Mastermind 
Moon Kuijper
Creative Visionary

MUCHROOM boasts a team comprising three skilled chefs and one imaginative genius. It's this harmonious blend of talents that sets us apart and defines our uniqueness!

Sebastiaan de Boer
Head Chef and Culinary Wizard
Xander Koning
Head of Operations 

We're here to serve up something

truly extraordinary...

introducing to you...

private dining concept

taking events to the next level


''Our secret ingredient? You guessed it – MUCHROOM!''

White chocolate genache 

Catering - Dutch Design Week 2023

Boa buns

Catering - Dutch Design week 2023

Cake with mushrooms 

Cake with mushrooms - Exposition Messmerizing 

MUCHROOM tapenade 

Catering - Dutch Design Week 2023

Our shiitake mushrooms are processed in a special, secret way to create the magic that is MUCHROOM!


But here's the exciting part – we need your help to take our MUCHROOM vision to the next level!

Are you keen on supporting the growth of this startup? Contribute by booking our private dining services, utilizing our catering, spreading the word about us, or considering an investment!

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